Mar. 15. 2019

Feb. 22. 2019

After some nice days of workshops with the artists from the Dry Waters project, we'll have an interesting panel at the Goethe Institut, 150 Cuba St today at 5.30pm.

Then on sunday, 24th of february we'll have our performance at the annual performance arcade down at the waterfront at 6pm. It's gonna be sweet as!



I've been invited by the Goethe Institut in New Zealand and the Wellington City Council for their annual artist in residence programm to stay in Wellington for three months, to work on my art, connect with local artist and get inspired by this beautiful country. They even set up a website for me, check it out here.

I'm unbelievably humbled and grateful!

Also I'll be working together on the Dry Waters project presented by No Boundaries e.V. and the Goethe Institut here in Wellington at the end of february.



Its VOID again. The international animation film festival in Copenhagen!

So if you're even anywhere near Copenhagen head on over there!

It's great, seriously.


Porcelain or rather Joe Madog and the Trommelfellas have been nominated for best original soundtrack at the Bang Awards 2018!

Cheers to that!


Porcelain has been selected for

the Sopot Film Festival 2018,

in Sopot, Poland.

It runs today (and on the 17th as well) as part of the Shorts Competition!

We're very humbled to part of the 18th annual SFF! Cheers..


Porcelain has been selected by the nice people over at the

Anibar Animation Festival for their 9th annual film festival

in Peja, Kosovo. It runs from 13-19 August 2018.

They even have a beautiful outdoor cinema at a lake, it looks

really nice. We're very humbled and wish everybody at the

Anibar Animation Festival a wonderful time this year.


A driving animation I tested out for Remnants.

Looks ok, but the moving road doesn't work with the overall style, so it wont be used.


Porcelain has been selected for the 2018 edition of the Las Cruces International Film Festival!

It runs in the music video section on March 10th. So we finally got an official United States premiere!

Also, Pam Grier and Ralph Bakshi will be at the festival too. We're very honored! Have a great festival!


Just a quick reminder, if you're in Copenhagen at the moment,

go n check out the VOID International Animation Film Festival!!

They're screening their 3rd Edition over at the Cinemateket, again with

a really interesting lineup of animation films.

So, have a nice weekend, preferably at the VOID!


Porcelain has been selected by the nice people of the Bogotá Music Video Festival, for their official 2017 panorama section. The festival runs from November 22nd to 28th.

We're very humbled! Have a great festival!!


Today Porcelain is screened at the

ReAnimania International Animation Films & Comics Art Festival 2017,

in Yerevan, Armenia, as part of their

Official Music Video Selection.

Thanks for selecting us

and have a great festival!


Porcelain has been selected by the nice people at Vimeo as a "Staff Pick"!!

We're very humbled! What a nice way to start a weekend! Thanks so much!


Today Porcelain will be shown at the

Odense International Film Festival,

as part of a screening of the

Void International Animation Film Festival's Music Video section.

Cheers to everybody attending!


The people over at the VOID - International Animation Film Festival were so kind to show some stills of my next animation film. It's called Remnants. There's not much to talk about right now, as it's in really early production.

Just some stills to ease you into the weekend. so, have a nice one.



And here is Porcelain on Vimeo as well..

Have a nice weekend and thanks again for watching!


Here it is! Porcelain is online!!

Watch and hopefully enjoy, spread, link, like n stuff.

Thanks again to the VOID - International Animation Film Festival,

ITFS - Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart, Brititsh Animation Film Festival and Odense International Film Festival for screening Porcelain (so far)!


- Joe Madog & CitéNOIR


After all the nice festival screenings, we'll finally release Porcelain online, today!

..stay tuned.


Porcelain will be shown at the

Odense International Film Festival,

as part of a screening of the

Void International Animation Film Festival's Music Video section.

Thanks a lot for the invitation!


New pencils arrived from Japan.

Mitsubishi Hi-Uni 4b pencils. Nice!


Porcelain has been selected by the

British Animation Film Festival

in London!

So its UK premiere time on July 8th,

at The Empire Cinema,

Leicester Square in London.

Very humbled about it!!


Back from the International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart,

where the Porcelain video was shown on a beautifully large screen.

So nice! Thanks for having us.


Porcelain has been officially selected for the ITFS 2017
(Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart)

On may 4th, Porcelain will be screened as part of the
Best Animated Music Video program at the Metropol cinema,
Boltzstr. 10 in Stuttgart at 10pm.

Very humbled & looking forward to it!


New animation tests.



A video I did in 2016 for the Hidden Museum.

Visual editing and music by CitéNOIR,

footage by Bernhard Kathan (Hidden Museum).


Back from the Void International Animation Film Festival.

We had a really nice time at an amazing festival! Thanks again to the

void crew for having us and hosting the premiere of Porcelain! ..cheers.


We have been invited to the Void International Animation Film Festival in Copenhagen, where Porcelain will have it’s World premiere on February the 2nd!!! ..looking forward to it!


..did some artwork for the Be-Troit project.


some more pictures of my animated film of Joe Madog’s track “porcelain”..


It’s finally done! my first animated video.

This animation film is a visualization of a song called “porcelain” by Joe Madog. It deals with the theme of ephemerality and longing. It’s about the fragile things we hold precious, trying to hold on to, but who will inevitably fade away, vanish or break like porcelain. The animation was pencilled on paper on a lighttable and then inked with brush and a light black ink and some gray inkwash, then arranged in a videosequencer frame by frame. let’s hope it’ll get picked up by some animation festivals.


first attempt with a pentel brush pen. nice tool. (grays added with a normal brush and some ink wash).