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TOKYO SUNSET (an exhibition)
20th October 2023

I have a new exhibition at Bar Franzotti, Kreuzbergstr. 71, 10965. It runs from today till the end of the year. And tonight there's a vernissage. So come by for a drink and see some art.

From the press release: "In Tokyo Sunset, Cité Noir takes us along on his journey to a place he has longed for for quite some time. With his black and white ink he creates on paper his own unique reality, as well as his most dedicated series thus far, inspired by the Tokyo he has heard of and the Tokyo he imagines."

March 2021

Finally managed to get the new website up n running.


March 2021

I'm working on a new handdrawn animation video. It'll take some time, though I'm having a lot of fun in the production. Cheers..